Perception love nothing more than demonstrating the value of the products we work with and seeing the delighted responses from our customers. We truly believe that the tools we are working with can help to transform processes and support people in carrying out their day to day roles. We conduct demonstrations for companies, in order to show-case the products we believe can add value to your business. In some cases, it’s immediately clear from the examples we show, how data-driven solutions, which leverage powerful tools, can shine light on your data and deliver value. In other cases, you might want to see demonstrations using your own company data. This may enable you to evaluate whether a solution is the right fit for your organisation and may allow people conceptualise and visualise wide-spread adoption.

Workshops with your data

During these workshops we work with your teams and your data. We are a curious bunch who love learning about what make organisations tick. We have worked across many industries and see that every organisation has a different way of doing things. We believe it is valuable to invest time in learning about what matters most to your organisation. We assess your data in order to evaluate how it can best be analysed and to see where the ‘quick wins’ lie. Bringing our expertise working with diverse data-sets and across industries, we can delve into your data and review some of the questions you are asking of it. Our consultants can meet up with you to start the process of discovery and judge how you might best utilise the products to bring most value. We conduct workshops where we deepen our knowledge of your company and its data and assess how the visualisations and anlyatical tools we work with could unlock some of the value hidden within.

We will work with you!

We work with you to ascertain the desired output of these workshops. Your focus might be on exploration, where you want to uncover unkowns and leverage visual analytics to unlock insight. We can walk you through this process on a joined journey of discovery. Perhaps you want to design some ‘proof of concept’ dashboards to bring back to your teams. These can be effective ways of demonstrating how analytical tools can be rolled out and facilitate collaborative approaches across businesses. Our flexible attitude means we will work with you to agree a ‘best fit’ approach.

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