Perception Data Consulting delivered the Scotland Marketing & Sales event for Tableau’s “It All Starts with Your Data” Roadshow Series. The event was a collaboration between Perception, STV and Tableau with The Data Lab also presenting. Thanks again to STV Group for hosting the event.

Louise Shorten led the event with a presentation of The Data Journey for Marketing and Sales functions. Louise provided Perception customer examples of excellence in delivering data-driven decision making in Marketing and Sales. Louise designed and delivered Tableau Software demonstrations to solidify the Data Journey experience.

Louise was followed by STV presenting their Tableau Software Customer Success. Andy McLennan, Data Product Owner at STV, presented on their Personalised Customer Experience strategy and Tableau’s pivotal role in its delivery for key areas such as STV Player and The Scottish Children’s Lottery.

Mark Mikolajczak, Data Scientist at STV, picked up the STV success story and talked about the data architecture, and showed recent examples of how Tableau has helped visualise the data at STV to the benefit of their products e.g. quality of service, defining usage patterns and informing data driven solutions.

Brian Hills, Head of Data at The Data Lab, provided a dual presentation on data art and an update on the work of The Data Lab to develop a local ecosystem for data science across industry, public sector and universities. Perception supported their Data Summit and Data Talent Scotland event last year and highly recommend this year’s event in March.

The event was rounded off with a very active Q&A session with Louise Shorten, Hugh Meagher and John Taggart of Perception Data Consulting and Andy McLennan of STV fielding questions regarding Tableau Software. This covered areas such as the strength of the Tableau Community, why Tableau is preferred to other Business Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions and further details on how to ensure a successful Data Journey.

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